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Welcome to Abandoned Realms!

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About AR's Web Mud Client

We've used a combination of MSDP, clever wiring and understanding of our players needs to make a responsive and intuitive interface that's light-years ahead of most free MUD clients. The client is based on the open source mud client/server package phudbase. It utilizes a websocket server listening behind nginx to allow browsers to communicate with the game directly via the telnet protocol. MXP and MSDP are implemented in the websocket server, and the front end is rewritten using twitter's bootstrap for a responsive design. The MUD itself simply uses Kavir's protocol snippet, along with our own modifications.

Interface Features

  • Numpad hotkeys: Hold CTRL for a second set of features, and hold SHIFT / click to redefine them. Numlock must be turned ON
  • Resource bars: HP,MANA,MOVE are displayed graphically in real time. Note that you can turn your prompt off and still receive this data!
  • MSDP-enabled HUD (inventory,affects,etc).
  • A word in yellow is something that can be clicked to see some available commands!
  • Intuitive scrollback

Please note that, currently, your settings will not be saved - this is a very early release. You should be able to get by easily with the game's built-in alias, target and pipe commands, though. A command reference for playing this MUD can be found here.


Like everything else that is a part of Abandoned Realms, this client is maintained and continuously reviewed for improvement. As everybody plays the game (even the Immortals!) we all benefit from its improvements. Feedback is always welcome on forums.



Hotkeys are keys which send commands to the game in one keystroke. They are available in-client via two main methods.

1. The in-client numpad

Please make sure you have NUMLOCK turned on to access this feature.

  • Holding CTRL allows you to use the numpad's secondary functions (i.e. opening doors)
  • Holding SHIFT and clicking on the numpad icons will allow its value to be redefined for the current playing session.
  • Placing $$ inside a hotkey will cause the game to subsitute it for your current "TARGET".
2. The function keys
Pressing any of the function keys, F1-F8, directly sends the corresponding number, 1-8. This is intended to be useful in tandem with the in-game "ALIAS" and "TARGET" commands, e.g. type "ALIAS 1 kill $$" followed by "TAR goblin" and from then on pressing F1 will help the game figure out you want to "ATTACK goblin".

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